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:: Production plant

:: Dwelling house

::  The real estate is located in Wołowe Lasy, a municipality in Poland within the distance of 260 km from Berlin , Germany , and 170 km from the border crossing station in Świecko . It is surrounded by forests and ecologically clean areas of Człopa commune . The plant and the house are 30 meters away from the nearest forest and they are independent facilities in terms of infrastructure . The plant is a new investment , completed 4 years ago and supplied with high-quality fittings and equipment .
Technical characteristics : :

 1. Gross floor area - 1676 m2
 2. Usable floor area - 1625 m2
 3. Cubic capacity - 7740 m3

The facility contains 1 hall of 500 m2 divided into 2 parts ; and then of 1 hall of 480 m2 ; a loading ramp of 120 m2 with refrigerating units to +3 degrees Celsius ; a room for a laboratory , utility room , container washing shop and richly equipped staff rooms . In west and east wings of the facility there are : an office space of 25 m2 , an office space 30 m2 , and a small dwelling studio (a room with a bathroom) . An additional mezzanine space of 100 m2 is there over the said space . The floor in the entire facility is covered with white ceramic tiles and stainless steel , and is adapted for food production and processing activities . In all the halls there are technological wells , and the floor tiles there are of the antiskid type . Please note that in a part the hall is covered with a resin floor . Two water supply sources are provided for the plant - one is the real estates own well and the other is the communal water supply system . The plant is equipped with its own sewage treatment plant , an electric current generator of 24 KW , a switching station of 100 KW , complete monitoring system , alarming and fire-detection systems , internal computer and telephone networks with its own telephone exchange . Heating comes from the plants own gas installation (2 gasholders - total capacity of 13 m3) that provides central heating . The production halls are heated with gas heaters with the power of 25 and 35 KW . The loading ramp has two stations for TIR vehicles . Storage is provided by 2 new cooling chambers with the minimum temperature of -25 degrees Celsius and the total capacity of 2500 m3 , 3 cooling chambers with the total capacity of 250 m3 , and 1 cooling chamber total capacity of 30 m3 , with the temperature of +7 degrees Celsius . Moreover , the space between the plants outside wall and a cooling chambers wall being covered with a canvas cover constitutes additional warehouse of 170 m2 . All the plants facilities are located on the area of 47 500 m2 of fully enclosed land . The plant has not been declared insolvent and it continues a regular production cycle .