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:: Dwelling house

::  The dwelling house is built on a lot of 5,200 m2 that is fully enclosed and located 30 meters away from the plant and 30 meters away from the forest (on the border with which there is a gate). In the house’s backyard there is a terrace of 100 m2 overviewing a stone cascade, wooden garden house and a small garden pond of about 9 m3. The useful floor area of the house is 558 m2. There is a cellar under a part of the building. The ground floor contains: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a toilet, kitchen, sitting room with a fireplace, dining room, dressing room, study, utility room, pantry and ironing room. The total area of the ground floor is 288 m2. The first floor contains: a bathroom, toilet, sitting room, 2 bedrooms, a kitchen and dressing room; and its area is 111 m2. Additionally from one of the bedrooms and from the sitting room there are entrances onto terraces of the total area of 30 m2. The cellar contains: a garage, gym, toilet and boiler-room. The boiler-room is supplied with heating oil. The house is heated from a Stiebel Eltron oil furnace; the installation includes copper pipelines and panel heaters to provide floor heating; and locally from the fireplace. The house is equipped with its own water supply and sewage disposal system and telephone installation, and has its own electric current generator. All the windows are made in PVC systems; the walls are finished with gypsum plaster; floors and some parts of walls are covered with high-quality ceramic tiles; there are marble plates on the sitting room’s floor. The technical wear of the house has been estimated to 3%. More information available under the following telephone number +48 67 2500230 or e-mail address:lobo(at)hot(dot)pl

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